Waterfront and Coastal Studies

Skyline International Development Inc (2010-2013); completed an Environmental-Impact Study for a proposed residential and commercial development at Port McNicoll; included fish surveys, ELC mapping, surveys of breeding birds and breeding amphibians, staking of a Provincially-Significant Wetland boundary, evaluation of significant wildlife habitat, public consultation, and the preparation of an EIS report

Anchorage Developments Inc (2010); completed an Environmental-Impact Study (EIS) for a waterfront property in Collingwood, Ontario; included development of the EIS terms of reference, staking of a Provincially-Significant-Wetland boundary, ELC mapping, an environmental-policy review, and preparation of an EIS report

Municipality of West Elgin (2009); as part of a Class Environmental Assessment and regulatory applications, reviewed the potential effects of the design alternatives on fish habitat associated with the proposed redevelopment of the Port Glasgow marina

  Water-Quality Datalogger Private Boat Channel, Collingwood

Atlantis Marine Construction (2009); completed a Scoped Environmental-Impact Assessment for a proposed shoreline residential development in Collingwood, Ontario; included ELC mapping, fish surveys, wetland delineation, and assessment of potential effects of development

Atlantis Marine Construction (2008); prepared a Scoped Environmental-Impact Study for a proposed residential-waterfront subdivision in Collingwood, Ontario; included fish-community surveys, ELC mapping, development of protective buffers and mitigation measures, and participation in an Ontario Municipal Board mediation

Anchorage Developments Inc (2005); completed a Scoped Environmental-Impact Study for a proposed residential development on Nottawasaga Bay in Collingwood, Ontario; included baseline aquatic and terrestrial surveys, the procurement of DFO authorization and the development of a fish habitat- compensation plan

Fram Building Group (2003); in collaboration with the coastal-engineering firm on this project, addressed various fisheries and fish-habitat issues of shoreline works associated with the proposed redevelopment of the former ship-yard lands in Collingwood Harbour; included procurement of DFO authorization, and preparation of a fish habitat-compensation plan

Anchorage Developments Inc/Princeton Shores Landowners (2003-2004); acquired authorization and permits from DFO and MNR to undertake dredging in order to rehabilitate existing boat channels in Nottawasaga Bay, Collingwood.

Town of Cobourg (1994-1996, 2002); participated in the development of a waterfront plan for Cobourg; included provision for a constructed wetland in the harbour and other fish-habitat enhancements

Bartlett Landowners' Group (2001 - 2002); completed baseline fish/habitat surveys, procured all permits, and monitored the re-establishment of a boat-access channel at Collingwood, Ontario

Bank Swallow Colony at Burloak Waterfront Park

Delphi Point Study area, Collingwood


Bartlett Boat-Access Channel,
Collingwood, Ontario

Habitat-Enhancement Project, Hamilton, Ontario

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (2001); completed an evaluation of sediment quality in Toronto Harbour in accordance with the SedPAC protocol as part of the 2001 Olympic Bid preparation

Region of Halton (1998 - 2001); participated on a team which developed a preferred concept and final design for coastal protection at the Burloak Waterfront Park; included baseline surveys, evaluation of alternatives, a public-participation program, preparation of a post-construction monitoring program, and acquisition of permits

Bertie Boating Club (1997 - 2000); addressed fish and aquatic-habitat issues associated with proposed expansion of club facilities; included habitat mapping, fish and algae surveys, and the development of preliminary concepts for a habitat-compensation plan

City of Trenton (1996); participated in the preliminary design/evaluation of marina concepts for Trenton; included surveys of fish and fish habitat, assessment of alternative designs, and the development of habitat-compensation options

Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (1995 - 1996); contributed to the development of the Integrated Shoreline Management Plan for the Lake Ontario shoreline from Tommy Thompson Park to Frenchman's Bay

Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (1995); participated in the assessment and design of a waterfront trail, elevated boardwalk, and bridge along the Lake Ontario shoreline at Duffins Creek

Commemorative Park Charlottetown, PEI

Constructed Shore Protection at Burloak Waterfront Park

Charlottetown Area Development Corporation (1993- 1994); which won a National Design Competition for a waterfront park in Charlottetown, PEI, to commemorate Confederation Birthplace

City of Etobicoke (1991); participated in a team which developed a Plan for the Etobicoke Motel Strip waterfront re-development area; included the preparation of an environmental report for presentation to the Ontario Municipal Board

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (1991); completed a biological evaluation of a proposed beach-improvement project at Petawawa Point

City of Mississauga (1990); prepared an Environmental Studies Report for a shoreline-stabilization plan at Jack Darling Park in Mississauga

Hough, Stansbury and Woodland Limited (1989); contributed to the Environmental Assessment of a waterfront park as proposed at East Point on Lake Ontario

Kettle Creek and Long Point Region Conservation Authorities (1989); assisted in the development of shoreline-management plans for Port Stanley and Long Point