Waste-Management Studies

The Township of Clearview (2004 - 2008); completed annual-monitoring surveys of benthos upstream and downstream of the Stayner Water Pollution Control Plant in compliance with the Plant’s Certificate of Approval and in support of proposed increases to the Plant’s authorized capacity; included benthic sampling, identification and enumeration, and analysis of the results with the use of BioMap and additional statistical methods

Town Of The Blue Mountains (2003, 2008); completed multi-year aquatic habitat and water-quality monitoring of Indian Brook to assess potential effects of an adjacent operational waste-disposal site; included sampling, identification, and enumeration of benthic invertebrates and analyses with the use of BioMAP protocol

  Benthos and Macrophyte Surveys, Kempenfelt Bay, Barrie Pipeline Watercourse Crossing

City of Barrie (2004); conducted benthic invertebrate and aquatic-macrophytes studies in Kempenfelt Bay, Lake Simcoe, in support of the proposed expansion to an existing Water Pollution Control Plant; included collection, enumeration, and identification of benthos, data analyses, and preparation of a study report

Notre Development Corporation (1996-2000); as part of a multi-disciplinary team of specialists, completed the aquatic-biology components of the Environmental Assessment for a proposed landfill development near Kirkland Lake, Ontario; included detailed field studies, evaluation of leachate-discharge alternatives, and development of habitat-compensation strategies; also developed a post-construction aquatic-monitoring plan; included agency and public consultation

  Watercourse in the Paris Landfill Study Area
Drilling at a Candidate IWA Landfill Site

Proposed Notre Development Landfill Site,
Kirkland Lake, Ontario

Aerial Photo of Candidate IWA Landfill Site

Town of Paris (1994-1995); completed aquatic-biology studies as part of the assessment of a proposed landfill expansion; included the development of a habitat-compensation plan

Fort Erie/Port Colborne (1995); participated in the multi-disciplinary team, evaluating the preferred landfill site for the Fort Erie/Port Colborne Waste-Management Plan

Interim Waste Authority (1991-1994); participated in a team of multi-disciplinary consultants during selection and evaluation of candidate landfill sites and the preferred site in Peel Region; included initial screening of more than 100 candidate sites, baseline surveys, environmental-assessment documentation, and participation in a comprehensive public-consultation program

City of Niagara Falls (1993 - 1994); participated in the environmental evaluation of the proposed Mountain Road landfill expansion

Essex/Windsor (1991 - 1992); completed an evaluation of fish habitat near two candidate landfill projects

Infrared Photo of Candidate IWA Landfill Site

Watercourse adjacent to Proposed Landfill,
St. Catharines, Ontario

City of St Catharines (1991, 1993 - 1994); conducted a survey of fish and aquatic habitat in a tributary to 40 Mile Creek near a proposed landfill site

Consumers Packaging Incorporated (1985 - 1986); completed a survey for heavy-metal contamination at a waste-storage site at a manufacturing facility; prepared a plan for the rehabilitation/monitoring of the site

Proctor and Redfern (1986); surveyed several hundred containers for PCB contamination at a waste-storage site in Smithville, Ontario

VARTA Batteries Limited (1986); conducted a preliminary soil survey for lead contamination in the vicinity of a battery-manufacturing facility in Scarborough, Ontario

Guaranty Trust (1984 - 1985); completed the survey and rehabilitation of a PCB-waste site in Etobicoke; included hydrogeological sampling, preparation of the rehabilitation plan, management of clean-up operations, and liaison with regulatory agencies