Sub-Watershed and Related Projects

Town of Bradford (1999); participated in the development of a stormwater-management plan for proposed development lands in the Town of Bradford; included assessment of erosion, evaluation of fisheries and aquatic habitat, and development of recommendations

City of St Thomas and Yarmouth Township (1996); completed biological components of a sub-watershed study on South Mill Creek and Berry Drain; included evaluation of fisheries and fish habitat, benthic invertebrates and selected water-quality issues, as well as the preparation of recommendations for habitat protection and rehabilitation

Thames River Tributary, London Sub-Watershed Study

London Sub-Watershed Study Area

City of St Thomas (1995); completed an evaluation of benthic-invertebrate communities as part of the Lynhurst Creek Sub-Watershed Study

Durham Board of Education (1995); led a multidisciplinary team of specialists in the assessment of natural-heritage significance of a property under consideration for the development of an educational complex; this assignment incorporated the natural-systems planning principles of features, functions, and linkages

South Mill Creek Sub-Watershed Study Area
  Electrofishing Survey  

City of London (1993 - 1994); participated in the biological components of the Medway Creek Sub-Watershed Study, Phases II to V

City of London and Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (1993-1994); completed the 1993 Phase-I aquatic-biology components of the London Sub-Watershed Project; included data acquisition and evaluation, participation in the public-consultation program, report preparation, and the drafting of the Terms of Reference for subsequent study phases

Upper Thames River Conservation Authority and the City of London (1993); completed supplementary sub-watershed studies in the London Area as part of a program to address information gaps in the aquatic database and to facilitate the completion of subsequent study phases

Ontario Ministry of the Environment (1990); completed an evaluation of the lower Welland River; included assessments of benthic invertebrates, water and sediment quality, flow, and aquatic macrophytes, as well as an overview of the fisheries in the river