Tarandus Associates Limited provides a wide range of environmental services for assignments within Canada and internationally. Although we usually complete projects based solely on the application of our in-house expertise, Tarandus will also team up with other firms or specialists as required to meet the needs of our clients.  
Following is a list of the major capabilities of Tarandus:

· Environmental Impact Assessments
· Coastal and Waterfront Studies
· Project Management
· Waste-Site Reclamation
· Environmental Planning
· Pier Reviews
· Environmental Audits
· Ecological Risk Analysis
· Habitat Assessment
· Park Planning
· Sub-Watershed Studies



· Lake and River Surveys
· Fishery Studies
· Contaminant Assessments
· Route/Site Selection Studies
· Habitat Compensation Plans
· Wetland Studies
· Database Management
· Statistical Analyses
· Habitat Modeling
· GIS Analyses
· Environmental Effects Monitoring
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