Linear Facilities

County of Simcoe (2013); as part of a Class Environmental Assessment, completed a natural-heritage review of the proposed widening of a County Road in Alliston, Ontario; included the assessment of vegetation and terrestrial habitat along the road corridor, evaluation of road-widening alternative, consideration of species-at-risk issues, and preparation of a report

Associated Engineering (2008); conducted a Natural-Heritage Evaluation related to the replacement of an existing force main and outfall structure as part of the proposed expansion of the Schomburg Water Pollution Control Plant

City of Toronto (2007-2008); completed aquatic and terrestrial studies to identify constraints, opportunities, and potential environmental effect associated with proposed new watermain alternatives

Erosion Control Road Widening  

Region of Peel (2004); completed an Environmental-Impact Study regarding the proposed bank stabilization and reconstruction of the Forks of the Credit Road adjacent to the Credit River; included development of a fish habitat-compensation plan, negotiation and procurement of Fisheries Act Authorization from DFO, and post-construction monitoring

City of Toronto (2004); as part of a watermain repair under Mimico Creek, completed an aquatic-habitat evaluation and developed mitigation measures and a habitat-compensation plan

Region of Peel (2004); completed and assessment of aquatic and riparian habitat and evaluated potential effects as part of the Northeast Brampton E4 Reservoir and Feedermain site-selection process

Ontario Ministry of Transportation (2000-2002); completed aquatic habitat mapping and surveys of fish communities along sections of Highway 410, Highway 400, the Queen Elizabeth Way, Highway 9 and the proposed Highway 407 East Completion; included classification of habitat sensitivity and the identification of habitat-compensation opportunities

  Constructed Habitat at Jordan Harbour along the QEW
Proposed Highway 407 Watercrossing  

Highway 410 Watercrossing

Highway 410 Watercrossing

SLE & C (1998-1999); participated in the aquatic surveys of watercourse crossings for the Highway 407 West Completion and East Extension; included habitat mapping, fisheries classification, and development of fish-habitat compensation plans

Ontario Ministry of Transportation (1998 - 1999); completed an inventory of fish communities and fish habitat at watercourse crossings along the corridor for the proposed Highway 6 New; included fish collections, habitat mapping, evaluation of compensation opportunities

Cía. Minera Antamina S.A. (1997-1998); participated in the preparation of Environmental Assessment documentation for a proposed concentrate pipeline, a powerline, and an access road for a copper-zinc mine in Peru; included inspection of the proposed route in the Andes, assessment of net effects, and the preparation of a monitoring plan


Proposed Pipeline/Road Corridor,
Peruvian Andes

Petroleum Exploration and Pipeline Development,
Beaufort Sea

Ontario Ministry of Transportation (1993-1997); completed a biological evaluation of the proposed Highway 401-407 Oshawa-Clarington Freeway Link; included acquisition/review of background information, detailed field surveys of the study area, public and agency input, and evaluation of ecological features to determine significance and sensitivity

Ontario Ministry of Transportation (1993-1997); prepared a fish-habitat compensation plan associated with the upgrading of the QEW bridge and approaches at Jordan Harbour; the plan included a constructed wetland and other habitat enhancements; supervised implementation of the plan and monitored habitat improvements from baseline to post-construction conditions

The Interim Waste Authority (1991-1994); conducted evaluations of aquatic habitat and associated biological resources along potential haul routes for candidate IWA landfill sites in Peel Region

Ontario Ministry of Transportation (1990); participated in the biological assessment of the proposed re-alignment of Highway 86 near St Jacobs, Ontario

The Regional Municipality of Niagara (1990); completed an assessment of fish habitat at stream crossings along a proposed waste pipeline near Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario

Ontario Hydro (1990); as part of an environmental assessment of the upgrading of Ontario Hydro's Kamaniskeg Lake Dam on the Madawaska River, Tarandus completed a biological evaluation of the proposed access road

The PolarGas Project (TransCanada Pipelines Limited) (1983, 1984); prepared, edited, and reviewed environmental-assessment documents in support of an application for a natural-gas pipeline; completed an aerial reconnaissance of a proposed pipeline route in Alberta and the NWT; monitored and reported on the Beaufort Environmental Assessment and Review hearings in the Northwest Territories