Fisheries and Fish-Habitat Projects

Wilson Blanchford Management Inc. (2011 - 2013); completed three years of post-construction monitoring of an implemented fish-habitat compensation plan at Fifty Point on the shores of Lake Ontario

Ontario Power Generation (2009 - 2010); carried out post-construction monitoring of fish and constructed fish habitat at the Lac Seul Hydroelectric Generating Station; included fish surveys, collections of fish eggs and larval fish, as well as monitoring of flow conditions

Ontario Power Generation (2007-2008); participated in the stocking of American eels undertaken by Ontario Power Generation in the Upper St. Lawrence River

Larval fish drift nets, OPG Ear Falls Seine Netting

Blue Shores Marina (2006-2007); obtained permits and provided biological advice related to dewatering and dredging activities at the marina; also included a fish-rescue operation prior to dredging

Regional Municipality of Halton (2002 - 2005); developed a fish habitat-compensation plan for shoreline- stabilization works at Burloak Park on Lake Ontario; included three years of multi-season monitoring of fish presence, evaluation of habitat stability, and the preparation of annual reports

Seaside Village (2004); developed a habitat-compensation plan to mitigate a HADD resulting from the reinforcement of an existing sheet-pile wall with the use of armour stone

Ontario Power Generation (2000, 2003-2004); completed an evaluation of fish habitat and developed a habitat-compensation plan for proposed shoreline-protection measures in the headpond of the Arnprior GS; included post-construction monitoring of fish presence, stability of constructed habitat, and riparian plantings

Hoop-Net Fish Collections
Trap Netting
Eel during OPG Stocking Project
  Jancal Dam Arnprior Shoreline Stabilization

Jancal Power Limited (2007); in response to an appeal of a Permit To Take Water that was brought before the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal, Tarandus carried out an assessment of water temperatures and related effects on fish habitat in the Rocky Saugeen River in the vicinity of the Jancal Hydroelectric dam

Ontario Power Generation (2005-2006); evaluated the effects of drawdown on the aquatic biological community in Fredreckhouse Lake, an OPG reservoir, as well as the recovery of the aquatic community during the summer months when the reservoir is refilled

KST Hydroelectric Engineers (2002); completed fisheries and fish-habitat studies at Chaudiere Falls on the Ottawa River as part of the evaluation of a proposed hydroelectric development

City of Brampton (2002); prepared Fish-Habitat Compensation Plans for two municipal undertakings on the shores of Professor's Lake as part of the procurement of DFO Authorization for the works

Monitoring Use of Explosives in Aquatic Environment

Marina Dredging at Midland Ontario

'Till Death Us Do Part Inc (2002); conducted post-blast monitoring of fish mortality resulting from the use of special-effects pyrotechnics at the Toronto waterfront during the filming of a major motion picture

Regional Municipality of Halton (2002-2004); conducted post-construction monitoring of shoreline-protection works at Burloak Park on the shores of Lake Ontario

Doral Marine Resorts Ltd (2001-2002); completed a habitat assessment and the post-construction monitoring of fish habitat associated with the de-watering, dredging, and rehabilitation of Canada's largest freshwater marina, located at Midland Ontario

Town of Cobourg (2001); developed a fish-habitat compensation plan which was subsequently approved by DFO regarding the proposed West Harbour Redevelopment Plan; included provision for a constructed wetland

Musky Canada (2001); completed a survey of spawning muskellunge and associated habitat in Lake Couchiching

Bartlett Landowners Association (2001); prepared a Fish-Habitat Compensation Plan for the proposed restoration of a private boat-access channel on the shores of Georgian Bay near Collingwood, Ontario; included fish surveys, habitat assessment, and evaluation of dredge-spoil disposal options

Ontario Power Generation (2000); completed an evaluation of fish habitat and developed a habitat compensation plan regarding a proposed shoreline-protection plan in the vicinity of the Arnprior GS

Grand River Conservation Authority (1998); completed a study of the fish community and fish habitat in the vicinity of the Caledonia Dam

Blairhampton Properties Inc (1998, 2001); completed biological studies associated with a proposed boat basin at a major development on Georgian Bay near Christian Island; included surveys of fish communities and aquatic habitat and the development of a fish-habitat compensation plan which subsequently approved by DFO

Bertie Boating Club (1997 - 2000); undertook habitat mapping, algae surveys, and fisheries studies regarding the proposed expansion of Club facilities, and prepared a fish-habitat compensation plan which was subsequently authorized by DFO

Grimsby Municipal Parkland Shoreline Stabilization Monitoring at Burloak Park

Town of Grimsby (1998-1999); completed fish-habitat investigations and prepared two fish-habitat compensation plans for shoreline-protection works which were proposed and constructed at municipal parkland on the shores of Lake Ontario

Ontario Hydro (1997); in cooperation with the Deer Lake First Nation, completed an evaluation of the fish community, aquatic habitat, and flow patterns at the site of a proposed mini-hydroelectric facility near Deer Lake in northern Ontario

Ontario Hydro (1996 - 1997); completed multi-year and multi-season monitoring of constructed fish habitat in the vicinity of the Frankford and Sydney Hydroelectric Generating Stations on the Trent River; included evaluations of fish and benthic-invertebrate communities

Public Works and Government Services Canada (1995-1997); completed the monitoring of constructed fish habitat at Seaway Island within the territory of the Walpole Island First Nation near Wallaceburg, Ontario; included assessment of fish communities, vegetation, and mercury in biological tissues

Ontario Hydro (1994 - 1995); completed a research study at several hydroelectric facilities regarding the role of larval-fish entrainment in recruitment to downstream fish populations

Ontario Ministry of Transportation (1995 - 1997); monitored baseline and post-construction fish communities and constructed fish habitat at the site of the Jordan Harbour QEW bridge re-development

Ontario Hydro (1994 - 1995); developed a Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) model for adult and juvenile lake sturgeon; included external peer review by Canadian and American specialists including the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Ontario Hydro (1994 - 1995); designed and conducted a research project to assess the effects of regulated flow on the quality of fish habitat as reflected by benthic invertebrate communities

Ontario Hydro (1992); completed walleye-spawning studies at the Calabogie Generating Station on the Madawaska River and at several generating stations on the South Muskoka River

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (1987, 1995); completed an assessment of lake trout spawning shoals in Lake of Bays; included an evaluation of the impacts of water-level changes on egg survival

Algonquin Power Systems Inc (1998); completed a post-construction program of monitoring at the Sheka-Nagagami hydroelectric facility near Hearst, Ontario; included evaluation of fish presence, benthic-invertebrate communities, and constructed habitat

Ontario Ministry of Transportation (1994); completed a stream-channel restoration project on a coldwater stream following a severe siltation event near Pembroke, Ontario

Public Works and Government Services Canada (1994-1995); completed a multi-year monitoring program of constructed fish habitat at Pelee Island, Kingsville, and Leamington; included underwater video recordings and assessment of benthic-invertebrates and fish presence